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5 reasons why smartphone battery drains fast

5 reasons why smartphone battery drains fast

Many people end up charging their smartphones quickly even after giving full charge. It doesn’t matter if the smartphone is old, the smartphone cannot be used for a long time due to reduced battery performance. Battery drains quickly due to several reasons. Let’s take a look at those reasons –


Screen brightness is high

Many people keep the brightness of the screen high to watch videos, pictures or movies on smartphones. Higher screen brightness consumes more battery. However, if the Adaptive Brightness feature is turned on, the brightness of the screen increases or decreases by reviewing the surrounding light. As a result, the battery is also consumed less.


Wi-Fi or mobile network is required to use internet on smartphone. Finding this network consumes more battery. Because, if there is a problem with the mobile network, the smartphone keeps trying to communicate with the mobile tower regularly. As a result, the amount of battery consumption also increases.


Enable GPS location facility

Having the GPS location feature turned on drains the battery quickly. Many times, the smartphone also gets hot. And so it is better to turn off the GPS location facility unless necessary.

Apps running in the background

Several apps run in the background of smartphones all the time to collect internet usage history of users even when not in use. These apps cannot be closed even if you want. For that We know the result, the battery is consumed.


Low quality charger

Poor quality defective chargers cause battery performance to slow down. Many times, the smartphone battery also gets damaged. As a result, even if the battery is charged, it cannot be used for a long time.

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