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Apple Watch saved teenager’s life 2023

Apple Watch saved teenager’s life

Apple Watch saved the life of a 16-year-old teenager in the United States. The teenager fell ill while on a skiing trip with his family in Colorado, USA.

Due to the physical problems caused by the altitude, the teenager’s oxygen level in the body is severely reduced, causing his fingers and lips to turn blue.

At this time, his mother Marcella Lee wore an Apple Watch to measure the oxygen level in her son’s blood. As the oxygen level was only 66 percent, he rushed his son to the local emergency service center. It is also seen that the oxygen level is 67 percent.

That is only 1 percent more than the Apple Watch’s detection data. As the oxygen level is very low, the doctor started treatment quickly. If not brought in time, the boy could have gone into a coma, the doctors said.


Marcella Lee, the teenager’s mother, spoke to CBC News. He said, ‘We went to Colorado with the whole family to ski.

Everyone drinks a lot of water to avoid altitude sickness, but at night I see the boy’s lips and finger tips turn blue.

In that situation, I put the Apple Watch on my son’s hand and saw that the oxygen level in his blood was very low.


In the emergency room, it was found that the boy had low oxygen levels in his blood, as well as fluid in his lungs, which could have been fatal if not treated immediately.

The teenager survived the journey because the Apple Watch accurately detected the level of oxygen in the blood.

Apple Watch saved the life of a woman in Dallas last year. The woman was rescued by sending a distress message through Apple Watch while swimming in the river.

Apple Watch has saved the user’s life before. The incident happened in Dallas, USA. A woman went swimming in the Columbia River surrounded by mountains.

He went quite far to swim in cold weather. But suddenly his feet got stuck in the rocks at the bottom of the river. He could not leave his feet despite many efforts. There was no mobile phone within reach.

After getting stuck in the rock, he failed to free himself and took the help of the Apple Watch in his hand. Press the button on the side of the watch for a while to send an alarm to the rescuers.

On receiving the message, a rescue team tried to free him. But Vidhi Bam, nothing could get his feet out of the rock. After that, the woman got down in the water and slowly removed the stones and rescued the woman.

Note that Apple Watch has a feature called ‘Emergency SOS’. Pressing the button on the side of the watch automatically sends an alarm message to the local emergency services number informing the user of his location.

Recently, a man stranded in a remote area of Alaska, USA, also saved his life by using the iPhone’s satellite or artificial satellite connection to send an urgent distress message.
Source: Times of India

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