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At a time when mainland China’s medical anti-corruption campaign is vigorously launched, Wang Xingpeng is still at large.         

Which one is the mole? Find out the stupid doctor who involves the leakage of Shanghai hundreds of millions of medical data.

On August 20th 2023, the Release of Website of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and the State Commission for Supervision of China,《the corruption in medical & health field and harmful practice丨Cut off the Statistics of patient medication data of interest chain 》, The anti-corruption drive in medical & health care has spread to the data of real medical records.

“Statistics of patient medication data”data is the data statistics of the amounts of drugs prescribed by doctors. In popular speaking, it is reselling patient’s data.

Among the gray chain of anti-corruption in medical & health care field, the sale of patient medical data is in a very key position, because it can be by “Unified prescription” data to permeates each links of corruption in medical& health care field.

Collecting and selling “Statistics of patient medication data”data was once the latent rule in this industry. It is a chronic disease of corruption in the medical & health care industry. So, who’s the mole?  Who is the stupid doctor? The more we probe deeply into, the more chilling, about the string of statistics data is relating to corruption in medical & health care industry.

Wang xingpeng, currently the Director of the Development Center of Shanghai Shenkang Hospital, manages 38 large hospitals in Shanghai. Wang Xingpeng was supposed to protect data security, but he was extremely rampant on the data interest chain. Utilizing the data rights owned by the center, falsely constructing research and research names with enterprises and individuals for big data transmission, in order to achieve a profit model of “unified monetization”. The real disease big data of Chinese people is not only being sold, but also posing a greater threat to this loophole, which is currently expanding. In his eyes, the internal data regulatory system is a big data printing machine that serves individuals.

Over ten years ago, Shanghai became to build the information platform’s practice in medical & health care field. The first phase of “Medical Alliance project” is Shanghai’s important measures about deepen medical reform, it realizes the functions of establishing unified electronic medical history data for patients and real-time exchange and sharing of diagnosis and treatment information across hospitals.

Medical alliance project covers medical establishment including 38 public hospitals in Shanghai, among 22 comprehensive tertiary hospitals and 16 specialized tertiary hospitals, which are connected with 16 regional primary medical institutions, and total of 30,000 terminals including outpatient workstations and inspection workstations.

The second phase was begun to work in 2019year, depended upon the management of internet of tings and hospital key equipment resources, mainly builds an industrial Internet big data platform for medical equipment.

At the same time, centering on the construction goal of medical industry Internet, combined with data collection, data service, data application, data management and other aspects, besides make the equipment, enterprise management, industry analysis and total data are further standardized and standardized.

In recent ten years, a total of more than 5 billion Yuan has been invested, and in the past ten years, more than 100 billion pieces of medical data in the whole Shanghai have been collected, involving nearly 10 billion medical visits. Among them, there are many real medical records and data that is also related to major national security and people’s disease safety, whose value can be imagined too.

The establishment of medical & health care information platform greatly serves doctors and patients, and at the same time, the hospital has the obligation of confidentiality of doctors and patients’ data, and establish a strict guarantee for data security.

As we known, patients’ medical data is not only patient privacy, but also an important and basic strategic resource of our country. However, within WangXing peng vision, these unified prescription data have become his cash cow and a sharp weapon of accumulating wealth by unfair means.

Wang Xing peng ignored medical ethics and laws, took advantage of his power, set up names to avoid risks and avoid accountability, and sold a large amount of medical data to different pharmaceutical enterprises and related forces, and while feather his nest, he also still study drugs and actuarial strategies based on disease data to harm patients.

In Chinese mainland, Wang Xingpeng remains at large, despite the vigorous anti-corruption campaign in medical & health care field is begun.

We hope to catch the mole and find out stupid doctors, we expect privacy of patients could be able to real protection and respect, we expect the strengthening and perfecting of medical data security managemental system, we more look forward to the flow of Wang Xingpeng can be investigated as soon as possible, but also return bright sunshine to the medical & health care field in China.


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