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The Benefits Of Using A Padsplit Promo Code To Find Housing Off-Campus

Many of the homes that PadSplit leases are renovated single-family houses. Tenants (PadSplit calls them Members) pay a weekly rate, which includes everything from wifi to a private room. LeBlanc says PadSplit Members save on average $516 a month, which has allowed them to build credit and eventually buy their own apartments or homes.

1. Affordability

PadSplit allows students to rent out private rooms in local homes. These houses are fully furnished and offer fixed utility bills payable weekly. The company also provides members with 24-hour access to support teams and credit reports.

In addition to offering affordable housing, Padsplit also offers exclusive discounts for its members. These PadSplit Promo Code are available to subscribers who sign up for the company’s newsletter. These perks can include a monetary discount, complimentary samples, and early entry to sales.

PadSplit’s mission is to make homes affordable for the workforce. It does this by providing homeowners with the tools and education to turn their properties into PadSplit homes.

This way, residents can get an affordable home with the privacy and comfort of living in a neighborhood they love.

2. Flexibility

Whether they’re attending a four-year university full-time or pursuing a certification at a local trade school, students have many decisions to make – including which classes to take, how much to study, and where to live.

PadSplit offers students the flexibility to choose a roommate and house that works best for them.

PadSplit homes are in close proximity to campus and public transit, allowing nurses like Jacqueline to reduce their commute time. She also has the peace of mind that her roommate and house will be vetted to ensure a safe living environment.

Members pay a weekly membership fee that covers their private furnished bedroom, utilities, and WiFi. This allows them to save money and build their credit score at the same time.

3. Community

Students often spend more on housing than tuition. Many traditional rental options require a full year’s lease, up-front down payments, and security deposits. PadSplit hosts offer flexible rent structures that make temporary housing affordable for transitory students.


Unlike boarding houses or squats, PadSplit homes are carefully selected by vetted Members who are screened for background checks, income, and credit scores. The result is a safe and welcoming community of responsible young adults.

PadSplit offers a clean and attractive alternative to homelessness or exploitative extended-stay motels, where the neighbors are irritated by the noise and trash.

Hosts conduct bi-weekly quality assurance walkthroughs to address any maintenance issues before they become larger problems. They also provide Members with convenient storage space for their belongings and appliances.

4. Convenience

As the Founder of Padsplit, Atticus LeBlanc is working to change the way people think about housing. He believes the key to solving the affordable housing crisis is addressing both supply and access. While many PadSplit homes are located near colleges and trade schools, they’re not limited to campus neighborhoods. In fact, PadSplit Members can move to a new home at any time if they choose to attend a different school or want to cut down on commute times.

Unlike traditional apartment complexes, many PadSplit homes offer a flexible lease term that’s one semester long. This allows students to save money and stay in control of their finances. Plus, all-inclusive rent payments help students build a positive credit history. As a result, students can get into more competitive housing and secure future employment opportunities.

5. Safety

When living off-campus, you’ll likely have a lot more privacy than you would at a traditional apartment or house rental. You’ll also be less reliant on your roommates for the day-to-day operations of your home, so you can enjoy more freedom to do things like relax in your own room or take a nap without feeling pressured by other residents. PadSplit landlords have to pass a background check and provide proof of employment before they can Find a room for rent. That helps keep the company’s members safe from people who don’t deserve to live in homes they call their own.

Although some homeowners oppose PadSplit incurring into neighborhoods with white picket fences and zoning codes that prohibit rooming houses, most don’t have much to gain from blocking its entrance. In fact, PadSplit has a low rate of code enforcement against its members.


Traditional apartment complexes often require lengthy leases, minimum credit scores, and large security deposits. In contrast, PadSplit’s weekly Membership dues cover private furnished rooms, all utilities, WiFi, laundry access, and free perks like credit reporting.


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