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What is a ‘smart’ curling iron [ better 2022 ]

We tested the so-called smart T3 Curl ID to find out.

What is a ‘smart’ curling iron

The technology of smart beauty is all the rage these days.

You can convince anyone that your tech is super advanced by prefixing it with the word “smart” — so we’re starting to figure out what it really means to use smart tech, especially in beauty.

T3 Curl ID Hair Curler (Which opens in a new tab) is one of these smart beauty devices. It is a curling iron that uses unique “HeatID” technology to diagnose your hair’s specific needs in terms of heat levels.

Users enter personal details such as hair texture, color treatment history, and chemical treatment history to help the device determine the optimal heat level from nine options before styling with the curling iron.

Once this data is entered, the iron will heat up to a specific heat setting, and the curling experience should be very familiar.

In trying to find out if smart hair technology is actually useful, we need to narrow down what smart technology really means. The word “smart” is a little tricky to pin down.

Most people think of smart technology as something that can be controlled with voice commands or Bluetooth, like an Amazon Alexa device or a Google Nest thermostat.

These are smart devices, but more specifically smart connected devices — they connect to networks that allow users to communicate with them over long distances.

According to Petra’s blog, to be simply “smart,” the device only needs “some automation and can be easily programmed through an intuitive user interface.”

For T3 Curl ID, there is no connection. But what makes it smart is the user interface, which includes a gentle and intuitive touch-button setting that then automatically sets the heat setting for styling.

So yes, this curling iron seems to meet the smart criteria, and by automating the heat settings, it might make it easier for users to achieve healthier heated styling.

But does it really work? Is it hard to figure out? What do your curls actually end up looking like when you use the automatic heat setting?

The beauty watching this episode was spotted by a hacker when Jennimai tested the T3 Curl ID and compared it to her regular curling iron (which she may or may not have had since middle school).

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