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What is software? Its types and how it is made.

What is software? Its types and how it is made

Almost everyone has some knowledge about what software is and what are the different types of software.

Nowadays, we continue to rely on smartphones, laptops and desktop PCs.

And in this case, we are using different types of software and applications every day.

So, we all have general knowledge about software.

But when the technical definition of software is asked, we have no answer.

Because, technically, what is a software and its exact definition, many of you may not know.

So in today’s article, I will tell you all about “a computer software”.

Technically, what is a software, what are the different types of software and how is software made?

A computer is a kind of electronic device, which processes and performs various types of operations together.

And, performing different tasks on computers requires different types of physical hardware, which can be seen and touched by hand.

And, the programs and commands that run these hardware (hardware) are called “software”.

You are currently reading this article of mine through a software.

And, his name is “web browser”.

Web browser is an application software, which is used in computer devices to “browse the internet”.

A computer can function fully only when all necessary software and hardware are connected.

And so, any type of computer device such as smartphone, laptop, desktop PC, Tab etc. always has software programs.

Different hardware requires different software.

then let’s

What is computer software (Software meaning in Bengali), and the important information about its different types is given below.


What is the software?
What is software? Definition of software: “Computer software” or “software” is a collection of some data and computer instructions (instructions), which as a program (program) instructs the computer to do any work.

A computer software tells the computer what to do and how to do it.

A software can be said to be a combination and organization of instructions, programmed by a computer to perform a specific task.

As a result, through these instructions and programs in the software, various computer tasks can be processed by controlling the various hardware of the computer device.

For example,

Writing something in Ms-word, editing photos in Photoshop, using the Internet in Google chrome or watching videos in KM player, in each case, these different softwares are giving instructions to the different hardware of the computer, and as those instructions, the computer By we are getting the output.

And, to give examples of some popular software, Google chrome, VLC media player, Photoshop, MS-office, Microsoft edge etc. can be said.

Why can’t the software be seen or touched?
Any kind of software we can never see with our eyes or touch with our hands.

Because, any software is a program made by different code and computer language.

And, these programs have no physical appearance or physical form.

And, things that have no physical form and shape cannot be seen and touched.

However, the computer language or codes used in creating a software can be seen with the help of some special programs.

Otherwise, creating a software program would never have been possible.

However, without these software programs we can never control and use our computer device.


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